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Eminent Personalities in Nagarathars Community
Dr. R.M. Alagappa Chettiar. (6-4 -1909 to 5-4-1957)
Alagappa Chettiar was the second son of K.V. Ramanathan Chettiar. In  1937  he built  Cochin  Textile  Mills  which was later  renamed  as  Alagappa  Textile  Mill. He was the founder  of  Alagappa   Polytechnic,  Alagappa Chettiar  Physical  Education College,  Alagappa Chettiar  Teachers  Training  College,  Alagappa Chettiar  Engineering College,  Alagappa Ladies College which was later complied as Alagappa University in the year 1985.  He was the first man to introduce Rotary Club at  Karaikudi.  The British Government honored him with the title "Sir".  In 1957 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru named him as "Socialistic Capitalist". 
Dr. M. Annamalai Chettiar (30-9-1881 to 15-6-1948)
Annamalai Chettiar was the last son  of  V.S.Muthaiya Chettiar. He made frequent trips to foreign countries to develop his business. These  trips   gave  him  a  chance  to go  to Round ridge  University and Oxford  University,  which  gave him more interest in education. He is the founder of Annamalai  University,  Meenakshi  College,  Tamil Arts College and Fine Arts college at Chidambaram.  In  4.3.1929  the British Government honored and rewarded  him  the title  "Raja"  for   the  interest he showed  for  education.  He was rewarded as Doctorate by Annamalai University in 9-12-1947.
P. Chidambaram (16-9-1945)
Chidambaram is the son of Palaniappa Chettiar who finished his Law in India and he got degree in higher education at Harvard University.At his early stage itself he joined in congress. He is good at writing and speech. He was an Ex-Cabinet Minister, Ex-Commerce Minister, Ex-Financial Minister and for that he rewarded as a best  finance Minister among the Asian countries.
Thiagaraja Chettiar (16-6-1893 to 29-7-1974)
Mr.Thiagaraja Chettiar started and maintained nearly 16 mills and famous among them are Sri Thiagaraja  mills and Meenakshi mills . He also established Bank of Madura and started many Educational institutions including Thiagarajar Arts and Engineering College at Madurai. He was rewarded as Kalai Thanthai for his wonderful architectural job.
Kaviarasar Kannadasan (24-6-1927 to 17-10-81)
Born in a small village at Karaikudi, Kannadasan has revolutionized the tamil literature with his writings and poetry. He published many political, cinema, literature magazines in tamil language. He has written many famous scripts and songs to the tamil film industry and sung many songs too. Nagarathars built a Mani Mandapam for him to honor for what he have done to this community.
A.V. Meyappa Chettiar (22-7-1907 to 9-8-1979)
A.V.M. - The famous studio, production and direction of films in tamil film industry. It is founded by A.V. M. Meyappa Chettiar, son of Avichhi Chettiar of Karaikudi. His most of the films touched the hearts of our Indian people and many have got national awards also. He is the staunge believer of  Mahatma's Policies and wears only kadhar dresses. The AVM Studio is the only golden jubilee studio running at Chennai. 
Dr.Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar
Dr.Rajah Sir Muthiah chettiar - eldest son of Dr.Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar founded tamil isam sangam at Madurai was the chairman of Indian Bank till it was nationalized was elected as MLA from karaikudi consitency.
Dr.M.A.Chidambaram - youngest son of Dr.Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar.leading industrialist and sportsmen. Started SPIC in chennai and several other companies.had various posts in Indian Cricket.under his name a cricket stadium was built in chennai,and now with flood lights updated.Keen interest in Horse racing.
Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy - youngest son of Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar of chettinad.Present Pro Chancellor of Annamalai University in chidambaram.Keen interest in hockey,tennis and known to king in Horse racing entered into the buisness books of world record by winning more than 300 classic wins,the only indian man to win and still holds the record he is the baron of Indian Turf. He is the chairman of Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited.Under his chairmanship of IHF india won the hockey world cup by defeating pakistan. He is faith in god,especially Sabarimalai Ayyappan,he goes to this temple every year.

and other Eminent Personalities

Mr. Lakshmanan Chettiar - one of the Founders of the current Indian Bank.
Mr. Arunachala Chettiar - Devakottai Parliamentary Member.
Mr. Muthiah - Writer, Journalist and Historical Researcher.
Mr.Kannan- Thiagarajar Mills, Virudhunagar Textile Mills.
Mr. Valliappan - Indian Administrative Service(IAS)
Mr. Kathiresan Chettiar - Saivasinthantha Vithakar.
Mr. Lena Tamilvananan - Devakottai Journalist.
Mr. Sokkalingam, Judge of District Court.
Mr.Panju Arunachalam - Cine Director.
Mr. Muthuraman - Cine Director.

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